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CodePal is a web designer's blog, set up to help overcome the frustrating problems that are faced during the course of our work. Quite often our work is stopped dead due to some unexpected error that gets thrown at me from the most obscure of places. If quick and simple answers can be found to most of these problems, then we can get back to being productive again.

CodePal details solutions and articles for ASP.NET, XHTML, CSS and JQuery. Based on far too many hours spent learning how to overcome errors and problems, its here to help you beat these problems without sacrificing your time.

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Recent Posts


Windows 10 Review

A personal review of Windows 10 after using it for a month for professional and home use

Topics: Windows 10


Unable to set up Windows 10 Enterprise with a Microsoft Account

When installing Windows 10 Enterprise, the setup requires either a local account, an Azure AD account, or a Domain, but you only have a Microsoft account.

Topics: Windows 10


Make the ASP.Net FileUpload control work inside the UpdatePanel control

The simple and easy way to make the FileUpload.HasFile property be True when used within an UpdatePanel

Topics: ASP.NET


ADO.Net DataTables sort Null values last instead of first

Make ADO.Net behave like SQL Server when sorting DataColumns with Null values, and put Nulls last

Topics: ASP.NET


Avoiding OutOfMemoryExceptions when using StringBuilder.ToString to send files

How to create large text files and send to the user without experiencing an OutOfMemoryException on StringBuilder.ToString()

Topics: ASP.NET


Transform a List(of String) into a single string, with custom formatting

How to join together multiple strings (in an IEnumerable or List collection) into a single string, while adding bespoke formatting

Topics: ASP.NET


Sorting ListItems in a ListControl by Text or Value

A tutorial on how to easily sort ListItems inside a ListControl by Text or Value, plus an easy re-usable extension method.

Topics: ASP.NET


Make your own MS Excel Live Currency Converter

How to create a currency converter using MS Excel 2013 without add-ons

Topics: Excel


Show child rows as CSV values in SQL Server data relationships

How to leverage TSQL to show all child rows as CSV values alongside their parent rows

Topics: SQL Server


Make IIS work with local IP addresses instead of "localhost"

How to get IIS to recognise an IP address for running local websites (and for use within Fiddler)

Topics: ASP.NET, IIS


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