Cisco VPN client error: 'Reason 442: Failed to enable virtual adapter' on Windows 8


Today after installing Microsoft's new OS on my main development PC and trying to open a VPN connection to my server, I was hit with this little gem:

Reason 442: Failed to enable virtual adapterSo Cisco VPN Client would not, under any circumstances open up a VPN connection, meaning I couldn't access my server, meaning the customer who was currently complaining couldn't have their glitch fixed.  At times like this my blood goes on the boil.  After a relentless search here's what I did to fix it...

  1. Make sure the device is Enabled within Device Manager
    Enable Cisco VPN Adapter
  2. Open RegEdit (Start > Run > "regedit"), and navigate down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CVirtA
  3. Double click DisplayName
  4. Then change the Value Data to remove all the text up to and including %; (including the semi-colon)
  5. Press OK and then close RegEdit
  6. Close down Cisco VPN Client and restart it

 And that's that little issue sorted.  Hope that works okay for you too. Good luck :-)


Posted by Wladimir Quiroz on 19/12/2012

Thanks very much, you have helped me a lot. I had the same problem and I was cracking my head to the Wall untill i found your page. I will return the favor soon. Thanks

Posted by Jando on 02/01/2013

Thanks a lot mate!


Posted by AnneMarie on 05/01/2013

This worked great - Thank you!!!

Posted by Steve Russell on 18/01/2013

Thank you! This worked like a charm. Thanks again.

Posted by Joe on 29/01/2013

Awesome Advice!!!!! thanks THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Gus on 19/02/2013

worked like a charm .... Thank you!

Posted by medaxc on 01/04/2013

It works!!!

Posted by Tenne on 22/04/2013

Quick fix.. thanks..

Posted by Gabriel Tobias on 29/04/2013

Thanks a lot!! Very helpfull

Posted by Hamid on 06/05/2013

Thanks :)

Posted by Reggie on 29/05/2013

Dude, you are the man!  Everyone had this fix of the regedit out here, but you were the only one that nailed it!  Enabling the adapter was spot on! Thanks! I was ready to dump Windows 8 and go back to Windows 7, but you saved me.

Posted by Erich on 06/06/2013

This did not work for me, I still get the same error, yet this seems to be the only solution that I can find on this issue.
Does anybody have any other suggestions on how to fix this?
Though if I run the diagnosis option on the CISCO virtual states that it "doesn't have a valid IP configuration" and does not fix it.....
If anybody has ANY suggestions, please e-mail me at batmanssf[REMOVE]   thank you.

Posted by David CodePal on 06/06/2013

First make sure you are running the latest version of the Cisco Adapter software.  The old versions do not work on Windows 8, only the most recent version will run at all.  Following that I'm out of ideas I'm afraid as I no longer use the software.

Posted by Fernando Díaz on 05/07/2013

Rápido y efectivo, muchas gracias.

Posted by Mohammed Ahmed on 29/07/2013

Respect to People who Take Time out of their Busy Schedules, just to save Other's Time at Troubleshooting

Thank You So Very Much Sir ! ! !

Posted by Davide Rosati on 06/08/2013

That's work!

Posted by Zdravko Popov on 09/08/2013

Great work!
Helped me a lot.

Posted by Mahesh PR on 14/08/2013

Thanks a lot!!

Posted by Ben on 28/08/2013

Great, thanks a lot !

Posted by Anees on 04/09/2013

Great..Thanks a lot!

Posted by jonas on 02/10/2013

Thanks a lot !

Posted by Rafa on 04/10/2013

Thank you very much!!!

Posted by Kendra on 13/11/2013

Thank you so much!  I have been banging my head for 2 days on this and my IT department couldn't help me.

Posted by Thom on 19/11/2013




Posted by Chris on 03/12/2013

Did not work for me :(

Posted by Lloyd on 10/02/2014

it works finally ! thanks

Posted by Kevin on 14/02/2014

I found another solution, and this fixed my problem.
I had Internet Connection Sharing Enabled on my Wi-Fi Interface.
Once I disabled this, restarted the VPN Client, and Press Connect, it worked - Connected! Awesome!
Here's the link:

Posted by Sham on 22/02/2014

YOU ARE AN EFFING JENIUS.... Dude you shoul;d be president. Your the only one that helped me....!

Posted by SamVgs on 06/03/2014

Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!!!! Me sirvió muchoooo!!!!

Posted by Silvia on 07/06/2014

Hi I am trying to connect also with my VPN and I have the same error message I did the first step to enable under Device Manager, I still need to continue with the rest of steps, so on Step 2 where it says Open Registry Editor, I am lost I really don't know where to find the Registry Editor screen on my PC Windows 8, will someone help me please!! Thanks.. Silvia

Posted by David CodePal on 08/06/2014

Hi  Silvia
Click Start > Run and type "regedit"

Posted by Aju Krishnan on 13/06/2014

Thank you!. That solved my problem.

Posted by Shailesh on 19/06/2014

thanks these steps worked for windows server 2012.

Posted by Victor on 20/06/2014

Thanks. it's very useful. it works.

Posted by Rajen on 01/09/2014

Thanks a lot.  It is really helping a lot.

Posted by CYBRIOT on 13/01/2015

Thank you very much This fixed it!!!

Posted by Preshan Silva on 22/01/2015

It works.... Thanks a lot..........

Posted by Suman on 10/02/2015

This is such a simple but powerful solution. At first i didnt believe it would work :-)
I've been going around all over the internet trying all kinda solutions :-)

Posted by Sabrina on 06/04/2015


Do you know any other thing that can cause this error message?

I already try to change the value data on regedit but when I get there the data already was “Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows”

I’m sorry if anyone already ask this question but I don’t find it here.

Thank you very much


Posted by David CodePal on 06/04/2015

Hi Sabrina
Although I don't use Cisco any more, this would usually mean that you are not using the latest version of the Cisco client.  You should ensure you have the latest version, which causes the registry corruption.  However, Cisco's web site states that this product has now reached end-of-life status, and is no longer being supported, which means that everyone should start putting pressure on their hosts to use modern and supported software instead.

Posted by Kuppusamy on 07/09/2015

This worked for me though i was bit hesitant to touch registry editor.
Thanks - Kuppusamy

Posted by Roge on 27/10/2015

Worked a Treat for a Windows 10 Laptop. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Rajesh on 16/11/2015

Thanks so much for posting, very helpful.

Posted by Khoren on 17/11/2015

Thanks, good illustration of steps: it works.

Posted by VS on 22/04/2016

Thanks a lot... Have been struggling with this for quite a while. It worked.

Posted by Joseph Alex on 09/06/2016

the above fix worked for me,and for the people who still have the issue i can provide a small tip:
Plz ensure that you are not having multiple cisco vpn client adapters installed if yes the plz uninstall one,and use the other.(You can see the network adapters in the device manager.......

Posted by Ram on 18/07/2016

Works great! THANK YOU!

Posted by Vishal on 01/08/2016

Man, thanks a ton, you made my day.
This worked flawlessly.

Posted by ASH on 03/12/2016

i did the same but it did not work..still having 442 issue

Posted by Vijayakumar on 04/01/2017

Great.. Thanks man!!

Posted by Mohsin on 16/01/2017

Not worked for me. still facing same problem.
Please help.

Posted by Felix on 01/02/2017

Thanks To Kevin Solution I have resolved my issue.
I had Internet Connection Sharing Enabled on my Wi-Fi Interface and haven't realized of that till i read his post. So, I disable the internet connection sharing and it works. Now I can connect whtout problem!!!

Posted by Shan on 03/02/2017

Thankyou so much. You saved a lot of time.

Posted by Julian on 26/04/2017

this worked for me - thanks

Posted by mohit on 03/06/2017

u are awesome man :)
great worth time ..!

Posted by Chris Stocker on 24/07/2017

Thank you so much! This works great and saved me from a wasted day.

Posted by Rafiudeen on 29/12/2017

Thank you so much..! Its working good.

Posted by santosh on 10/01/2018

Thanks alot

Posted by Zay on 16/02/2018

It helped a lot. This worked for me. Thanks :-)

Posted by Laura Bradley on 29/03/2018

Worked  -
Thank You SO MUCH for taking the time to Share the detailed steps

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