Disable Whitepages unsaved caller identification on Samsung Galaxy S7


Today I received a call on my S7 phone, and the name flashed up "Tony".  Tony is a good friend of mine, so I answered the phone in my usual lad's tone, "Now then you big ******, how's it hanging?!?!"

But it wasn't my friend Tony.  It was a prospective client.  Enough said.

Samsung have introduced this new technology on the S7 to identify callers who are not saved on your phone, in an attempt to reduce spam.  Does it work?  Yes, mostly.  Many times my phone has flashed up "survey" or "spam".

However, there are downsides...

  1. Many numbers are well out of date.  I find that clients/people call me, but their number is identified as the previous owner, which is even more confusing
  2. The name shown on your phone is only the details shared by the owner.  Therefore, like above, the name you see can be confusing.  I don't get why "Tony"'s name wasn't forceably accompanied by his surname
  3. Spam/scam/fraud/telemarketers usually have really long numbers anyway (such as with international prefixes).  Therefore they can be identified easily without having to have WhitePage attempt to identify them.

For me, WhitePages is a love/hate relationship.

How to disable Whitepages unsaved number identification

  • Settings
  • Advanced features
  • Identify unsaved numbers
  • Disable the setting



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