How to embed a Google Drive video into your web pags


There are so many out of date tutorials for doing this, I felt I had to try and get something useful up the Google rankings.  Without further ado here goes...

  1. Upload your video into Google docs, and wait until it is listed in the file list
  2. Double click the video file.  It will appear in a lightbox format and begin playing.  Stop it playing (an optional step, but the sound annoyed me!).
  3. Click on the menu icon, and Open in New Window
    Google video open in new window

  4. A new window will open and play the video.  Now click the menu icon again.  This time "Embed item" is visible
    Google video embed item menu

  5. This gives you the IFRAME embed HTML code


Not sure why Google have made that so difficult - it never used to be...!  Perhaps it respects security settings or something...?


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