Unable to set up Windows 10 Enterprise with a Microsoft Account


I've been using Windows 10 Pro on two machines for the last month without any great issues.  Today I tried to install Windows 10 Enterprise on a third machine, and became stuck, as the only options for signing in are as follows:

  • Join a domain
  • Use an Azure AD account
  • Create a local account

I have a standard Microsoft Account, rather than a Microsoft Organizational Account.  I've had it for years, and will have it for years to come as I'm self-employed and don't require an Azure AD server to look after myself.

To get around this, create a local account (e.g. "Dave") for the purposes of completing the installation.  Once Windows has installed, use the following procedure to replace the local account with your Microsoft Account:

  1. Start Menu
  2. Settings
  3. Accounts
  4. Your account
  5. Sign in with a Microsoft Account
  6. Enter your Microsoft Account's username/password
  7. Verify the device using the PIN number or email process

Now I can continue to use either Win 10 Pro or Enterprise with my Microsoft Account, without having to worry about going back to school, or setting up an AD server.


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