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Stream/write Excel file to ASP.NET MemoryStream with EPPlus

How to create and send an Excel XLSX file on-the-fly, using EPPlus

Topics: ASP.NET


Make the ASP.Net FileUpload control work inside the UpdatePanel control

The simple and easy way to make the FileUpload.HasFile property be True when used within an UpdatePanel

Topics: ASP.NET


ADO.Net DataTables sort Null values last instead of first

Make ADO.Net behave like SQL Server when sorting DataColumns with Null values, and put Nulls last

Topics: ASP.NET


Avoiding OutOfMemoryExceptions when using StringBuilder.ToString to send files

How to create large text files and send to the user without experiencing an OutOfMemoryException on StringBuilder.ToString()

Topics: ASP.NET


Transform a List(of String) into a single string, with custom formatting

How to join together multiple strings (in an IEnumerable or List collection) into a single string, while adding bespoke formatting

Topics: ASP.NET


Sorting ListItems in a ListControl by Text or Value

A tutorial on how to easily sort ListItems inside a ListControl by Text or Value, plus an easy re-usable extension method.

Topics: ASP.NET


Make IIS work with local IP addresses instead of "localhost"

How to get IIS to recognise an IP address for running local websites (and for use within Fiddler)

Topics: ASP.NET, IIS


Using DateTime.Now for generation of unique values

Use the DateTime.Now value to generate unique values

Topics: ASP.NET


WOFF files return 404 (Not Found) in Azure Web Sites

After publishing your site to Azure, WOFF font files return a 404 error

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Azure


How to Bundle style sheets into an ASP.Net web form

How to add a System.Web.Optimization

Topics: ASP.NET


"1" and "0" String was not recognized as a valid Boolean

ASP.NET throws an error when you try to convert "1" and "0" strings to Boolean values

Topics: ASP.NET


Using Fiddler to create a POST to an ASP.Net Web API

How to create a POST in Fiddler to test out a Web API

Topics: ASP.NET


ICS incorrect file times and time zone problems in Outlook calendars

When importing ICS calendar entries into Outlook, the time can become incorrect by one hour, or timezones differences are ignored

Topics: ASP.NET


Disable weekends in asp:calendar control

How to disable and colour the weekend days in the asp:calendar control

Topics: ASP.NET


Reference dynamic GridView from within its RowDataBound event

How to reference the parent (container) GridView at row level during RowDataBound

Topics: ASP.NET


Highlight a Gridview (table) row on selection using JQuery

How the colour the grid view (table) row when a checkbox is checked

Topics: ASP.NET, JQuery


How to install an SSL certificate in IIS7 or IIS8

A full guide to installing an SSL certificate within IIS 7 or 8 then apply it to a site

Topics: ASP.NET, IIS


Type 'WindowsLiveClient' is not defined

You see an error 'Type 'WindowsLiveClient' is not defined' when working with DotNetOpenAuth and the OpenID functionality

Topics: ASP.NET


Prevent error IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005)

Tricks and tricks to help developers avoid seeing the IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005) error.

Topics: ASP.NET


ASP.NET export to Microsoft Excel corrupts symbols/characters

Exporting a DataTable or GridView to MS Excel can cause corruption to certain characters and/or symbols, prefixed with â

Topics: ASP.NET