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BitLocker prevents SQL Server accessing databases

SQL Server returns "device not ready" errors, and databases are labelled as Recovery Pending

Topics: SQL Server, BitLocker


Show child rows as CSV values in SQL Server data relationships

How to leverage TSQL to show all child rows as CSV values alongside their parent rows

Topics: SQL Server


Backup Master Key fails with write permissions error

When backing up your SQL Master Key, you get a "Cannot write into file" error

Topics: SQL Server


How to read emails from within account inboxes in HMailServer

How to view the content of emails inside users' inboxes within HMailServer

Topics: HMailServer, SQL Server


How to integrate a .NET CLR UDF into SQL Server

Step by step guide showing how to create a .NET SQL CLR User Defined Function in Visual Studio and then integrate it into a SQL Server database

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server


Correctly sorting DataTables using different cultures/languages

How to sort a DataTable correctly when it contains symbols from specific cultures/languages, e.g. Å, À, Æ

Topics: ASP.NET, SQL Server


Checking for multiple files in SQL with xp_fileexist

How to use the undocumented xp_fileexist procedure to check for the existence of multiple files within SQL, as part of a SELECT statement

Topics: SQL Server


T-SQL error: Could not find type <TypeName> in assembly <AssemblyName>

SQL produces the following error when attempting to associate a CLR function with a UDF: Could not find type <TypeName> in assembly <AssemblyName>

Topics: ASP.NET, SQL Server


Return multiple new ID values created/modified by a T-SQL query

How to see the actual rows that were affected by a T-SQL query (one step beyond simple @@ROWCOUNT). Imitates finding multiple SCOPE_IDENTITY() values.

Topics: SQL Server


The data types bigint and numeric are incompatible in the '&' operator

SQL Server commands fail when the Bitwise AND operator (&) is used with large numbers

Topics: SQL Server