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WOFF files return 404 (Not Found) in Azure Web Sites

After publishing your site to Azure, WOFF font files return a 404 error

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Azure


How to integrate a .NET CLR UDF into SQL Server

Step by step guide showing how to create a .NET SQL CLR User Defined Function in Visual Studio and then integrate it into a SQL Server database

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server


Visual Studio 2010 crashes with 0xc0000005 error

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 randomly crashes with error code 0xc0000005

Topics: Visual Studio


ASP.NET Development Server (Cassini) causes 404 errors not seen in IIS

When viewing a web site using the Visual Studio Development server, 404 errors appear that are not present in IIS

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio


How to get the asp:chart working in ASP.NET 4 (IIS 7)

A full working solution to get the asp:chart control working in ASP.NET 4.0

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio


The basics steps for creating multi-lingual web sites

The initial steps you need to take when creating a multi-lingual web site

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio, XHTML, HTML


How to Debug Visual Studio in IIS instead of Cassini

How to configure Visual Studio to perform debugging via IIS rather than Cassini

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio


Visual Studio 2010 Go To Definition shortcut

Jump to a method definition using CTRL+Click

Topics: ASP.NET, Visual Studio